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The Secret to Immortality

November 11, 2010 10 comments

Take a trip down memory lane. Think about the people you remember most vividly. Especially those you haven’t met in a long time – and probably never will for the rest of your days on earth. Chances are, most if not all of them taught you something. Something you value to this day.

When I think back, I recall Mr. Kimaru who taught me swimming, Mrs. Kago who taught me music, Mr. Ogalo (r.i.p) who was my choir master and Dr. Sevilla who taught me C++. There is one thing in common among all these. None of what they taught me was in the school curriculum yet I value it all to this day.

Now the people who teach you stuff are not found only in learning institutions, you meet them all over, but there does need to be extended contact for you to learn most things. Well back to the question of immortality. These people have achieved immortality by having their very vivid impressions etched forever in my memory. I remember them like I just met them yesterday. I can hear their voices with varied accents, see their gestures and most importantly recall every bit of what they instructed.

The secret to immortality is teaching. Teach someone something you don’t have to teach and they don’t have to learn. If you don’t have to teach it and they don’t have to learn it, then the only reason you are in contact is a shared passion for the subject at hand. You’ll always remember someone who taught you something you were both passionate about.

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