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How To Slaughter A Goat (or Sheep) For Nyama Choma And Soup

December 21, 2012 20 comments

So last Christmas we did a two-man nyama choma preparation stunt. See whenever we’re doing nyama choma (roasted meat to the uninitiated) there’s always three or more guys involved. This time it was only me and my bro available for the job and we bravely took it on. We now know better. It took the whole day, morning to night, to run through the whole process! This is actually fun if it were not for the super-tiredness at the end of it. So one piece of advice to all those contemplating a one or two man nyama choma stunt this Christmas: Beware!

Now how do you turn a live goat into that delicacy? The process is really quite simple and has been carried out by generations of young men since waaay back in Kenya’s history. In summary, you

– identify a suitable volunteer,

– chop off his/her head,

– hang them upside down to remove hide and disembowel,

– split into pieces and

– roast.

What you need around you for the smoothest execution is enthusiastic labour. The hungry kind.

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