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How to ROM Dronix onto Huawei Ideos U8150

October 5, 2011 341 comments

The ROM is the soul of your Ideos. It controls how the phone performs and also what hardware features are accessible. You can install a great many apps to transform your Ideos into any one of a wide range of tools, but if a feature required by an app isn’t supported by the ROM, then it wont work. For example, a good number of Ideos phones support multitouch at the hardware level. However, the standard vanilla Android ROM that runs the Ideos does not support multitouch. As a result, pinch-to-zoom that is supported by apps such as Opera Mini and Google Maps does not work.

If you want to transform the ‘personality’ of your phone, then you have to change the ROM. This is known as ROMing. There are people that ROM their new phones as standard procedure not only to access functionality that doesn’t come standard, but also to feel that they have free reign over their phones. I stayed away from such radical customization owing to the risk of bricking a perfectly working phone. Besides, it wouldn’t have served any purpose beyond feeding my curiosity. However, over time my Ideos became sluggish, and boring. I’d go for days without tinkering with it to discover a new app, or new ways to customize it. And I was getting really pissed off at the sluggishness. So one day this here guy passed by my blog and mentioned Dronix. I hadn’t heard of it before and I liked the name right off the bat. I was hooked, and I went searching.

Dronix isn’t really that unique in the sense that most of its features can be found on other ROMs. But it does have that name… and it promises a significant speed boost. Among the features that it boasts, Dronix won me over on:

  • Multitouch support
  • Speed boost of up to 748MHz – My Ideos was previously running at 600MHz
  • SSH support – allowing me to access the files on the phone over wifi, therefore avoiding the whole USB connectivity drama.
  • Responsive user forum – very useful when you get stuck on something
  • Extremely good reviews – especially from people who have tried out a number of ROMs

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